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With respect to service user feedback concerning the quality of care services provided this information is formally reviewed for content and possible action. These reviews classify service user feedback as follows, and is considered as positive through to negative feedback.

Types of Feedback


Positive input regarding aspects of the Care Service.


Still positive, but possible scope for improvement.


Negative feedback where action may be required to address a problem.


Serious concerns on the part of the Service User, requiring formal action as described below:

There is a formal process for the management and handling of complaints from Service Users. This is documented in the complaint’s procedure. The Policy provides for appropriate investigation and a timely response to the complainant, and if required the means for the Service User to take the complaint to the appropriate regulatory authorities. This is explained in the Service User Guide and the Service User is also made aware of the right to complain prior to finalizing the Care Service Contract.

Compliant Procedure

To ensure that the service we provide matches client’s needs and their expectations we welcome any comments they may care to make.

As one of our clients you are perfectly entitled to make complaints at any time. If you wish to complain about the service, you receive from us then you should follow the steps below:


We would also like to hear from you if you are satisfied with the service provided to you by Oiza Healthcare Limited and would like to share your opinion with us. Please write to either Oiza Health Care Ltd, or the Care Quality Commission at the address above.

Circumstances Where Your Care May Be Refused

The circumstances in which the agency may cease to provide services to a service user.

There are certain exceptional circumstances in which a service would be withdrawn. These are usually as a consequence of risk to the health and safety of service users and /or care workers.

They include environmental factors where the home is unsafe for staff to work in, where certain infections are present or, where service user behavior is such that it would be unsafe for staff to work. We carry out detailed risk assessments of each home to establish whether any measures for staff safety are identified. In exceptional circumstances a meeting would be arranged with all interested parties, issues discussed, actions is best clinical practice.

In the event of staff being replaced due to absence, we will ensure that contact is made in the first instance outlining the temporary change in service.

In the event of a permanent change, as a result of a review, an outcome letter will detail these changes to the service user.

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