Supported Living Services in Mansfield

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Oiza Healthcare Ltd have trained staff experienced with supporting and caring for individuals who have disability. We incorporate robust support plans and risks assessments to ensure that the safety of all our service users is maintained.

We work collaboratively with service users, carers and other health professionals as part of a multi-disciplinary approach to care. We recognise that an individual’s treatment is vital within their journey to recovery, therefore we facilitate with the medication reminder, appointment keeping, medical health reviews and professional liaison.

Above all, we have a great understanding of the obstacles and challenges individuals may encounter with having a mental/physical disabilities and therefore we provide an effective service to improve independence and general quality of life, underpinned by our philosophy that every individual has the right to live the life they choose for themselves.

Aims of the Service

  • To provide high quality care supporting service users in daily aspects of their lives
  • To provide a safe and comfortable home for service users to live in
  • To promote independence and choice
  • To ensure community presence.
Supported Living Services in Mansfield

Our Support Package Includes

We provide expert tailored support and care for people aged 16 and above with mild, moderate or severe disabilities, including:

Our support package includes help with housing-related issues, council tax, utility bills, housing benefit claims, budgeting, health care appointments, medication reminder, shopping . Cleaning, prompting for daily tasks, cooking and support using public transport. Support and care is tailored to Individual needs through a structured care and support plan.

At Oiza Healthcare Ltd, our supported living service is designed to create an atmosphere of home safety, warmth and care, whilst keeping its function as an exceptionally innovative and well-led. We cater for individuals with mental health support needs, recovering from alcohol and illicit substances; have been detained under the Mental Health Act or subject to Home Office or Ministry of Justice Restrictions.

Opt in Service

Oiza Health Care Ltd

We understand that everyone has their own unique set of needs, and for this reason we would like to offer a more tailored, person centred option for additional support. We focus, not only on support, but on educating everyone to progress to a more independent lifestyle. Providing people with the skills that they need to function effectively in the community.

Often when we look at the support needs of individuals with mental/physical disabilities and/or Learning disabilities/difficulties, we overlook the smaller things.

Without the skills or the confidence to access public transport competently or confidently, we are very likely to observe a decline in both an individual mental and physical health.

For those Individuals who have not lived independently before having your own home can be very intimidating, often we find that service users within the Mental health and learning disability services face difficulties maintaining a home which often results in their tenancies becoming vulnerable. We would like to offer education in and around:

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