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We understand care and we are passionate about creating the right culture and atmosphere where our clients are at the centre of all of our thinking and everything we do. At Oiza Health Care Ltd, we deliver outstanding, personalised, family led care by devoted and capable staff, highly competent in caring for the needs and wishes of each individual in their home.

Oiza Health Care ltd offers efficient personal and functional care and domestic services to meet the needs of dependent clients. These may include older people, those with a disability or mobility difficulties who need support due to illness to continue living in their own homes and community. This is aimed by promoting a standard of excellence which embraces effective good care practice that is monitored and evaluated through the practice, conduct and control of quality care in the domestic environment.

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Homecare Services

Delivered with Respect

At Oiza Healthcare Limited, we have trained staff who meet service users, prior to commencing service, to agree the care needs requirements of service users and assess each individual before service is offered including aspects such as when the service will begin and the times, frequency and duration of care to be provided.

Our homecare services include:

Personal Care Services

Delivered with Respect

Ensuring that your loved one can live a life that is as independent, active and fulfilled as possible is our ethos, and key to their care and long term happiness.

Our personal care services include:

Supported Living Services

Accessing the Community

Oiza Healthcare Ltd have trained staff experienced with supporting and caring for individuals who have disability. We incorporate robust support plans and risks assessments to ensure that the safety of all our service users is maintained.

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Words From Our Customers


  • Charles and Boneyface came out to meet my family and my Dad before starting the first night shift. They were both extremely professional, warm and caring, showing genuine thoughtfulness for my Dads needs.

    Boneyface was wonderful and asked if he could sit by my Dad all night to keep an eye on him - very thoughtful.

    Even though Dad was very ill and non-responsive Boneyface spoke to him as normal. A wonderful care package from people specialising in end of life care.


    Daughter of Client

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  • The team from Oiza were always extremely polite and treated my Father with compassion and a real gentleness.

    They were very respectful to my Mum in the house and the care provided by them was very good.


    Daughter of Client

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  • The team that is looking after Dad are really great and consider all of his needs and look after his well being.

    We are so happy with the care he is receiving and Dad is so happy and content. We would highly recommend the team to anyone needing care - Thank you.


    Daughter of Client

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  • It has been a pleasure having your company and the other company were Abdul and Lord, works from as everyone has been so kind, caring and a pleasure to have each night to come and sit with Chris up until his final day.

    Each person had there own ways with Chris but the two who were regular had a brilliant connection with him they were amazing you can not ask for two caring people to look after someone.


    Daughter of Client

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  • I would like to thank my Dads care workers who work tirelessly and provide the highest service to my Dad. Making sure he is getting the best possible care anyone could wish for, to look after all his needs they are dedicated in looking after my Dad in every way and we would not know what to do without their amazing service.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


    Daughter of Client

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  • - Very compassionate

    - Knowledgable about Bob and his needs

    - Appeared very caring


    Daughter of Client

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  • I have met today with two nice gentlemen from Oiza Health Care. I have received a full and great investigation about Roberts condition and observation.

    They seemed passionate about Roberts care.

    I would recommend them for any patient with chronic conditions at EOL care.


    of Client

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  • Thank you for looking after me so well, its so much appreciated.



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